1 Oct 2010


Its a wiggly circus, step right up come in join the show. Thats what circus master says. Would you like to join our show.
Cake is for Rayyan's 1st birthday party.I created colorful wiggly vibrant circus environment for cake. 

Small cakes are 6inch/15cm pineapple cake with pinapple butter cream and pinapple pieces. The big cake 9 inch/ 22 cm  and the little circus tent are chocolate cake with chocolate cream and chocolate chips. Cakes serve upto 40-50 people
All animal, clowns and other figurines are hand made and edible. All of them are calling you to have fun with them. Go on, have a seat and enjoy.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Zeynap,

    All I can say is thank you to you for creating a magical and spectacular circus cake for Rayyan's 1st birthday. The cake left everyone in awe and simply dumb founded by its beauty.

    The characters were all so real that, i actually felt that everything in it had a soul..and the characters were as if they were alive.

    Thank you very much Zeynap.. this cake will go down in my memory lane for many years to come.

    Shamena & Daud


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