11 Feb 2011


Cake was a custom order from a lady for her daughters 2nd birthday party.
She come up with a picture completely made of sweeties and asked me if i can make the cake version of it.

The cake made from 6 different pieces and each piece is 40x40 cm. Over all the size is 80x120cm. The biggest cake so far.

Circus and Carousel is chocolate cake with chocolate cream and chocolate chips.
Adventure tunnel and park train is vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream and white chocolate buttons. Cupcakes are chocolate. God knows how many packages of sweeties and licorice I used. I just counted the sugar paste only. it was 12 kg.

It took 5 days from zero to erect. Start covering the boards first and side decorations. Baking cakes only took 1 day.
The other problem was to store the finished products. I keep all of them in my wine cellar till the last assembling day.

Assembling was the hardest job. Sticking candies to sugar paste with edible glue was a big challenge i must say. They dont stick at all.

It was a great challenge for me and I think the result is a triumph.

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