4 Mar 2011


Inspired by the Tiffany's famous azure green color invitation and my favorite design cameo's. 
Bottom tier trellis design is emphasized with pearl dots. 
2nd tier  has 4 flower cameo's on the quadrant's of the cake. Big cameo's are sugar paste moulds. In between there are scrolls piped with royal icing and has a drop of small cameos. 
The bride and groom's silhouettes and are on the 3rd tier as requested by the bride.
4th tier is same trellis design and main scroll design.
Cake is chocolate cake, with chocolate cream,chocolate chips and raspberries with dab of Tia Maria.
1st &4th tiers are 4 inch(10 cm) tall, 2nd&3rd tiers are 6inch (15 cm) tall to be able to locate the scrolls and cameo's
The cake weighed 19 kg this time.

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