19 Nov 2009

Colorful flowers cake

Cake is birthday cake for Beliz turns to 8.
Birthday girl did not want a cake with sugar paste. Her special request was chocolate cake with chocolate cream and chocolate chips covered with poured chocolate ganache.

It was my first time to cover a cake with chocolate so I was a bit nervous about the result. But over all it was perfect, admired and appreciated by all attendees.

Colorful flowers and roses were her special request and I covered the cake with them with small silver balls to add some glitter to it.

Wishing Beliz a wonderful birthday.

17 Nov 2009

Christmas cookies for DIA winter souk

My first commercial experience. I made 80 Christmas cookies the sell in the winters souk of Dubai International Academy.
Isabella was with me and helping to promote our Bella Bakery.
It was a full success and we sold 70 of them and got some more orders.
Seems we are going to be baking full time during the festive season.

Sex and the city cake

Cake is friends surprise to Ebru for her 40th birthday.

The theme was Sex and the city, the menu, dressing code, and for sure the cake designed to match the theme.

Cake made of chocolate, layers filled with chocolate ganache, raspberries and chocolate chips. Covered with pink and black sugar paste as the theme. The border is New York City skyline with the Liberty statue and Empire Building.

Pink Manolo Blahnik shoes were a bit disaster. Cause cracked 2 times when i was assembling the cake so I disguise it under the silver decoration.

All girlie girlie things appeared on the cake. They are all edible except necklace and bling bling earings.

Wishing all the best on her 40th b'day which is milestone for every lady.....

28 Oct 2009

happy halloween

So much enjoyed while decorating them. I must say Halloween is one my favorite theme.
I will be at the party tomorrow with Isabella and see how kids will be thrilled.

10 Oct 2009

Bakugan Birthday cake and cookies

The cake and cookies are prepared for Hanzah's birthday party turning to 8.
Bakugan is the hit cartoon these days. Different humanoid characters and species.
I used base relief technique for the 3 layer chocolate cake and put species symbols and the names on the cut out cookies.
I really like these half 2d half 3d technique , really gives and umphh to the cake.
I put candies and other goodies in the cookie bags to cheer up the kids as i usually do.
Mum said the cake was a big success. All kids adored the image top on the cake. That worth all the effort I spent for.
Happy birthday Hamzah.

7 Oct 2009

my first corporate cake.

This cake has a very special place as it was my first corparate cake. Vanilla sponge cake and vanilla cream with strawberry filling.
Loyens and Loeff are opening their new office in DIFC with lot of VIP guests. They wanted to cut a cake at the opening.
I just repeat the image on the invitation on top of the cake.
Warm welcome and best of the luck to your new office in Dubai.

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