28 May 2009

Market Day cookies

Wide selection of cookies for different occasions...
Made this cookies for a Market day in Jumeirah Islands compound. Several ladies came to display their own home business products. Cookies were complimentary for the visitors. Got great comments on them. Hope will promote my bespoke cookies and cakes.
Really enjoy doing this job..

20 May 2009

Cushion cookies

These cookies are made for a charity event. It was a seminar about interior design and how to turn your house to a stylish home.
Made these cookies in a cushion shape warm/rich and cool/calm color shades to match the seminars theme.
Money raised in this event will b donated to an orphanage in Sierra Leone..

Easter Specials

For this special occasion i made colorful easter cookies and cup cakes for my little Isabella and friends. She sneak to the cookies with out my supervision and break the glass cookie dome..It was worth while to see that cheeky smile on her face...

Ferris wheel cupcakes

These cup cakes are made for twin boys which turn to 5 recently. I prepared to set of cup cakes for each boy, one in ferris wheel shape and other as happy birthday message.. Happy birthday Kemal and Ozan..

Little mermaid and her friends

I always loved the Disney cartoon Little Mermaid Ariel's adventures.. I made these cookies to introduce Ariel to my little Isabella..

15 May 2009

Ladies only cookies..

My Friend Magda asked special cookies for her mum as mothers day gift. Pink is the theme and I think an elegant lady should have all these items for a special outgoing...
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